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Barbie Games
Barbie is going to get together party and so that she wants to apply beauty spa treatments on her face and hair so that she feels fresh and full of energy before the night.
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Dress up Barbie for Valentines Day. Barbie is so nervous and she needs a best friends advice to get ready. She wants to go out but does not know what to wear. Please help her.
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Tonight we are going to join Barbie and her best friends for the most amazing dress up party ever. You will be helping Barbie prepare for the dress up party through a fantastic makeover.
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Barbie is calling you for trip to the countryside. Accompany Barbie in her new enjoyable trip. Can you help Barbie find the perfect dress, shoes, hairstyle and accessories? Your ideas important for her.
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Barbie want to look stylish, different, trendily vintage with bold style dresses. She needs your help to know how to incorporate bold style clothing into her existing wardrobe.
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It has been Barbie's dream to climb a mountain for so long. How incredible it must feel to reach a mountain top and gaze down at the world below you! She hope some day soon, her dream will come true.That’s all for today.
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Barbie loves nature and today she is here for a picnic with her friends. So please try to dress up her.
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Lets play our latest makeover game and try to give her a perfect makeover just like a barbie.
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Barbie is a fruiterer and today is her 1st day at this job. In this game you will dress up her with nice clothes for today.
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Tonight barbie is going to a party with ellie and she cannot understand which is the perfect makeover for it. Would you like to give some idea?
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